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What are the components of office decoration? To understand this problem, we must figure out what space layouts and projects are included in today's offices. Generally speaking, modern office decoration consists of the following parts: reception area, conference room, general manager's office, finance room, staff office area, machine room, storage room, tea room, etc. The office decoration design is different from the general small office decoration in terms of the composition and pattern of the office. There are different considerations in terms of decoration material selection and configuration. So, have you learned how to decorate the office? What are the precautions for office decoration design? Now let me reveal the answers for you one by one

what are the components of office decoration

office decoration &mdash& mdash; Reception area: it is mainly composed of reception desk, enterprise logo, signboard, guest waiting area, etc. The reception area is the doorway of an enterprise, and its space design should reflect the industry characteristics and enterprise management culture of an enterprise. For offices that are not very large, sometimes a wardrobe for employees to change clothes will be set up in the reception area. Sofa coffee tables and newspaper and magazine racks for guests to read are generally placed in the guest lounge. Some enterprises will use newspaper and magazine racks to display their publications and advertisements to every customer. Some enterprises that have implemented ISO14000 environmental management standards will also publicize their environmental management policies to customers. The reception area is the most important space in the office space. It is the focus of modern high-end office decoration design

office decoration &mdash& mdash; Conference room: Generally speaking, every enterprise has an independent conference space. It is mainly used to receive customers, and for internal staff training and meetings, which is also the focus of modern high-end office decoration design. The meeting room should include: TV cabinets, brocade flags that can reflect the performance of the enterprise, trophies, honorary certificates, photos with celebrities, etc. Whiteboard (screen) and other writing equipment should also be set in the conference room. Some are also equipped with automatic transfer equipment, electric projection equipment and so on. Some also set up wardrobes in the meeting room

office decoration &mdash& mdash; General manager's office: it is also a key point in the design of modern high-end office. It is generally composed of a reception (rest) area and an office area. The reception area is composed of small conference tables, sofas and coffee tables, and the office area is composed of bookcases, board tables, board chairs and guest chairs. The space should reflect some personal hobbies and tastes of the general manager, as well as some corporate cultural characteristics. When laying out the location of the general manager's office, we should also consider some local geomantic issues. There should be no window behind the general manager's desk (if there are windows, light partition walls should be used to seal them, otherwise there will be no sense of support and instability.

it is suggested that when carrying out the decoration design of high-end offices, the seat orientation of the whole office space should be consistent as much as possible, reflecting a consistent corporate culture.

precautions for office decoration design

1. Pay attention to reasonable space planning in design

high end offices should be fully planned in space planning Reasonable. Generally speaking, modern high-end offices are composed of the following parts: reception area, conference room, tea room, manager office, finance room, employee office area, personnel office, etc. In the layout, it is necessary to meet the convenience and function optimization of indoor space organization functions

2. Pay attention to the selection and use of decorative materials

for some key indoor spaces, we should pay attention to the selection of materials. For example, for the reception area, conference room and other spaces, the use of decorative materials such as aluminum gusset plates can not only increase the sense of space fashion, but also make some changes in shape

wall materials can also choose some bright and high-end wallpaper to replace paint. The ground is decorated with stone, wooden floor, carpet and other decorative materials to enhance the corporate image on the side

3. Pay attention to the layout of office furniture

in addition to choosing concise and high-end types of office furniture, we should also pay attention to keeping daily clean and tidy. In high-end offices, it is also best to achieve overall consistency in the seat orientation design. This is a demonstration of the centripetal force of the enterprise

in addition, the layout of furniture should pay attention to etiquette. The orientation of the position should be careful not to have the back to the guest, and the seat selection should also avoid the shaking and sliding type, so as to ensure the seriousness of the conversation atmosphere and respect for people

4. Pay attention to space safety

when decorating high-end offices, safety issues should be carefully considered. First of all, we should do a good job in electrical generic cabling. In addition to burying some lines in walls and ceilings, some can also use trunking for ground wiring. Secondly, the layout of relevant safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, should be comprehensive, and daily inspection work should be done well

5. Considering the requirements of sustainable development

in addition to considering the external beauty and grade, the configuration of decorative materials and office furniture of high-end offices should also pay attention to meeting the concepts of energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable use. Effect, we can create a good atmosphere of becoming a monk in the office. Editor's summary: the above is the office decoration design. Feng shui master's advice: don't let small things break the relevant introduction of your career. I hope to help friends who need this! For more information, please continue to follow our website. More exciting content will be presented later. You can also go to the mall to buy more products you like





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